Academic Essays

Learning how to write at a college level can be tough. A lot of students have a difficult time adjusting from the easygoing nature of high school into their more rigorous college classes. One of the biggest challenges that they face is essay writing. In higher learning there are almost no personal essays. The infamous “What I did this summer” paper is gone. Instead students have to write papers with titles like “

The relative objectivity of philosophical injustice.” Its like spending 12 years swimming in the kiddie pool only to be thrown into the ocean. Fortunately there are ways to improve and become a better writer. While you won’t write a bestseller with this advice, you will be able to get some good grades. Here are a few simple suggestions on how to become a better writer.

If you wanted to become a great soccer player you wouldn’t study the worst team. You’d look for the best players and try to replicate them. Same goes for writing. While silly list articles and popular websites can be fun to read, you need to check out quality writers as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to read fiction or become a scholar of classic literature. Simply look for books that interest you and think about what made them so engrossing. If you’re studying engineering look for someone who writes about engineering in a captivating manner. If you study biology look for an author who makes the subject interesting. This will help give you an idea as to how you can make any topic into something that can get the reader’s attention.

In high school you can get away with being a little sloppy. Teachers will usually forgive you if you mess up when citing sources or are unable to properly format your title page. College professors don’t give anyone a free pass. Spend some time learning how to correctly format your papers. Once you learn how to do this save the correct formats so that you can use them for templates later on. This will also help to save you time when working on your actual essays.

Almost every school in America has a writing center. If you are having trouble, or want someone to help edit your work, go and visit them. They will be more than happy to make suggestions and give you advice. These are free to use and they can provide you with a lot of great insights. Make sure to use this whenever you aren’t sure about something or want some constructive criticism.

Most students don’t do well on their first college papers. They haven’t adapted yet and struggle with the difficulty curve. Luckily there is always room for improvement. By looking for inspiration, formatting essays correctly, and visiting the writing center you can master this skill in no time at all.