Types of Online Education Programs

Online education has advanced greatly in recent years. No longer a process that’s looked down upon by heralded colleges and universities, distance learning is a commonly accepted part of the education industry. Whether you’re thinking about getting a degree, learning a trade or just discovering more about a new topic, an Alabama Essaywanted.com online education company is making it possible for you. The type of program you select will depend on your personal needs and goals. Make sure you know the type of program you want to enroll in before you start your online education search.

College- or university-offered programs

Most colleges and universities offer online education programs. Sometimes called distance learning or e-learning, these programs are just like their traditional counterparts. Some colleges offer complete degree programs online, and you will never need to go on campus. Others offer hybrid programs, in which students will take both in-person and online classes – this can be particularly helpful for a student who is trying to catch up and get back on track for a degree. Generally, because these programs are offered at a university, they are entirely accredited. A certificate or degree from one of these programs holds as much value and weight as one obtained through traditional education.

Trade schools and vocational programs

These programs go by several different terms. Some might call them “technical college” or “vocational school.” The common element for all of them is that the curriculum teaches students a trade, such as medical billing or other elements of the healthcare industry. These programs generally will result in a certification or perhaps an associates’ degree. Sometimes, students can find programs online that will require some in-person training, such as learning to become a certified electrician or a plumber. The Internet is rapidly becoming an educational tool, so even in-person programs can offer the benefits of some distance-learning components.

Graduate degrees

As online education grows, so too does the diversity of programs. Many college graduates are returning to school to get their graduate degrees. For many years, teachers have earned their master’s degrees through “correspondence school” or “night school.” Today, they can earn the degree online and at their own pace. Many colleges and universities have offered night-school MBAs for several years; now these programs are expanding into online-only programs. The flexibility of these programs allows students to enhance their resumes, expand their earning potential and position themselves for career development. College graduates can earn master’s degrees in business, writing, education and even nursing through distance-learning.

Continued education

In your search for an online program, you may come across the phrase “continued education.” These programs are often offered for college graduates and professionals, those people who simply want to return to school to expand their personal horizons. You may find many of these programs are offered in the liberal arts disciplines, such as history or English literature, or in technical subjects such as Web design and the Internet. Typically, these programs are not as rigorous as a “normal” online class – you might not need to complete a term paper or large group project because you aren’t earning a degree by taking the program. These classes also are generally taught by tenured faculty and experts in the field.